How We Help

We are now seeing subsets of patients with kidney cancer consistently achieving complete response to agents that can be administered in an outpatient setting with an acceptable toxicity profile.  This new reality provides us with the previously unavailable opportunity to analyze and expand on these remarkable clinical results. 

To achieve this goal, we need to perform innovative, tissue-rich clinical trials that permit the efficient measurement and modulation of the tumor microenvironment using innovative agents and measurement tools. 

Moving from a drug-centric to a patient-centric treatment paradigm in RCC is only possible through a coordinated effort by academic centers of excellence that possess the physical resources and human capital required to successfully execute these trials and analyze the data that arise from them.

This is what the Kidney Cancer Research Consortium does.  

Patient Access

A challenge in researching kidney cancer treatments, particularly those for rare subtypes, is recruiting and retaining a sufficient volume of patients, including patients from diverse and underrepresented populations.

The cancer centers of the KCRC include some of the highest-volume renal cell carcinoma clinical trial sites in the country. The Consortium has the ability to quickly open trials across multiple sites, with the assurance of high quality trial execution and monitoring. 

Leaders in the Field

The KCRC clinical trial sites are headed by the nation’s leading renal cell carcinoma researchers.

Each member of the Kidney Cancer Research Consortium has an extensive background of scientific and clinical leadership in RCC. Areas of expertise include:


HIF Biology

Translational Science

Biomarker Development

Data Management

Informatics-Enabled Efficiency

By applying the Prometheus clinical trial management platform and application programming interfaces, we optimize data entry and protocol safety.

Centralized Institutional Review

We apply time saving strategies to accelerate trial initiation.

The Kidney Cancer Research Consortium Members

The Consortium members have over 100 years of combined experience in kidney cancer clinical research. KCRC brings an unmatched commitment to and expertise to RCC trials.