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We believe that patients living with kidney cancer deserve better therapy options.

We believe in working with innovative partners in the development of therapeutics and diagnostic tools for patients.

We believe in understanding the fundamental mechanics of kidney cancer and its unique micro-environment.

We encourage patients to learn more about treatment options that may be available through clinical trials, at any stage of kidney cancer disease.

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What can KCRC accomplish?


Listen to cancer patient and survivor Dewey Stringer talk briefly about his thoughts on the Kidney Cancer Research Consortium.


Discover Hope Through Innovation: Explore Our Clinical Trials

At the Kidney Cancer Research Consortium (KCRC), we believe that every patient deserves the best possible treatment options. That’s why we’re committed to advancing the field of kidney cancer research through innovative clinical trials.

We are proud to bring together some of the nation’s top researchers in kidney cancer, working collaboratively across multiple sites to conduct these trials. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been battling kidney cancer for some time, participating in a clinical trial could open up new possibilities for your treatment. Our trials are designed to test the effectiveness of new treatments and strategies, and your participation could give you access to cutting-edge therapies before they are widely available.

Currently, we have several ongoing trials, including studies on monitoring disease burden and biology using tumor cell-free DNA in metastatic kidney cancer, and the use of Ipilimumab, Nivolumab, and Ciforadenant as first-line therapy for Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma. We also have upcoming trials, such as the Phase 2 Study of Combination Tivozanib and Nivolumab in Advanced Non-Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma (FORTUNE).

Join us in our mission to revolutionize kidney cancer treatment. Explore our CLINICAL TRIALS today and discover the potential opportunities they could offer you.

The KCRC serves our patients, families and the kidney cancer community. What we do is ultimately for you. The goal is to eliminate death from kidney cancer.

– Dr. Eric Jonasch, KCRC Principal Investigator

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University of Pennsylvania

University of Michigan

Beth Israel Deaconess

Vanderbilt University

Duke University

UT Southwestern

Current Kidney Cancer Trials in the United States

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Additional Resources

The National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute has excellent information for patients considering a clinical trial for kidney cancer treatment.


The National Cancer Institute provides a searchable list of more than 100 organizations nationwide that provide emotional, practical, and financial support for people with cancer and their families. Click here to search the list.

Patient Advocacy Organizations

Get resources and find support at our partner patient advocacy organizations:

Any time you or a loved one need treatment for cancer, clinical trials are an option to think about. Learn all you can about clinical trials, and talk with your doctor to decide what is right for you.