About the Consortium

The Kidney Cancer Research Consortium is comprised of seven partner institutions at top academic research institutions across the country.

The pooled expertise of Consortium members ensures the highest quality of clinical study design, accelerated execution of clinical trials, cost-effective access to multiple research centers, and accurate interpretation and reporting of results.

Our Vision

KCRC will become the premier renal cell carcinoma clinical research platform by providing informatics-enabled solutions to academic and industry partners.

With seven partner institutions, each with a strong background of scientific and clinical leadership in RCC research, the Kidney Cancer Research Consortium has the unique infrastructure required to perform multicenter, tissue-rich, transformative clinical trials.

Our Aim

Our emerging understanding of the interaction between tumor-cell autonomous molecular features and the tumor microenvironment, as well as the marked differences in biology of RCC by histological subtype, requires the development of agents and strategies appropriate to specific disease states and settings.

The Consortium is a collaborative effort based on:

      • development of clinical trials that span the complexity of the disease,
      • development and maintenance of robust infrastructure that allows for the execution of these trials,
      • development of a translational research infrastructure that will enhance and complement the clinical data generated by these trials, and
      • institutional support for the conduct of such translationally-enhanced clinical investigation.

“KCRC brings together the top researchers in RCC with the unifying goal of advancing the therapeutic options for patients. Drawing on the collective knowledge and expertise, KCRC is uniquely positioned to drive impactful translational and clinical research.”

– Dr. Brian Rini, Vanderbilt University

Find a trial or request an appointment at Consortium sites

University of Pennsylvania

University of Michigan

Beth Israel Deaconess

Vanderbilt University

Duke University

UT Southwestern

The Kidney Cancer Research Consortium Members

The Consortium members have over 100 years of combined experience in kidney cancer clinical research. KCRC brings an unmatched commitment to and expertise to RCC trials.

Information for Patients

Patients with kidney cancer may benefit from participation in clinical trials at any point in their treatment. Read on for more information and to locate enrolling trials.

Research News

Kidney cancer research is a rapidly-advancing area of oncology. Read about the latest research coming from Consortium sites and others researching treatment for RCC.

“We are poised to make some major breakthroughs in this disease. There have already been some major breakthroughs in kidney cancer, but we are still not curing every patient. We still have a long way to go.”

– Dr. Brian Rini, Vanderbilt University