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Learn about clinical trials for patients with kidney cancer.

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We create mechanistic, hypothesis-testing and hypothesis-generating clinical trials that
link identifiable biological characteristics of renal cell carcinoma subtypes to specific treatments and treatment strategies
help develop robust predictive biomarkers
KCRC Consortium

MD Anderson

UT Southwestern

Beth Israel

University of Michigan

University of Pennsylvania

Vanderbilt University

Duke University

With seven partner institutions, each with a strong background of scientific and clinical leadership in RCC research, the Kidney Cancer Research Consortium has the unique infrastructure required to perform multicenter, tissue-rich, transformative clinical trials.

Commitment & Experience

The Kidney Cancer Research Consortium (KCRC) was founded in 2018 through the Department of Defense Consortium Development Award and was subsequently awarded the DoD Clinical Consortium Award in 2020.

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Patients with kidney cancer may benefit from participation in clinical trials at any point in their treatment. Read on for more information and to locate enrolling trials.

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Research News

Kidney cancer research is a rapidly-advancing area of oncology. Read about the latest research coming from Consortium sites and others researching treatment for RCC.

There is an urgent need for new RCC therapies.

The Kidney Cancer Research Consortium provides the research expertise and institutional infrastructure necessary to perform multicenter, tissue-rich, transformative clinical trials.


Ipilimumab, Nivolumab, and Ciforadenant as First-Line Therapy for Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma

Cost-Effective Access to Multicenter Expertise:

“We have senior researchers doing very good things, and I’m excited to see a new generation of researchers who are taking kidney cancer treatment to the next level. I’m convinced that in the next 5-10 years, we’re going to see tremendous advances.”

– Dr. Eric Jonasch, KCRC Principal Investigator